We're going to SpaceCom 2022!

We're going to SpaceCom 2022!

We're excited to share that Snaju will be exhibiting at SpaceCom 2022!

Make sure to come to visit our booth #117 and pick up some Snaju swag and see our Snaju® Nebula in action with an interactive demo that has been 100% built in-house with everything from electrical board design to 3D printing a space-grade enclosure!

Snaju® Nebula is a Space Command & Data Handling software system that can intelligently route messages and commands around a space facility/ system using multiple existing communication methods. Check out some cool features of Snaju® Nebula below, and make sure to come see it in action at SpaceCom!

  • Intelligent Command Routing using Artificial Intelligence
  • Messages route using the quickest route
  • Redundant Computing System, with automated Failover
  • End to end encryption, using RSA key pairs
  • Robust Command/ Control system that can use existing hardware

Checkout out the Snaju® Nebula Deck

Want to talk more about Nebula? Shoot us an email sales@snaju.com

See you at SpaceCom 2022!